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Having spent 12 years caring for pets as the previous owner of The Happy Pet Caregivers LLC, Ingrid decided to take on a project to offer training to enhance the life of our pets with hands-on classes. She is putting her training, skills and experience towards securing the health and welfare of pets by training pet parents and pet professionals in pet first aid, CPR and wellness.

Ingrid Braulini

Ingrid Braulini

Owner & Manager

Ingrid is the owner/manager of Pet First Aid & Wellness, LLC. She has a degree in Biology, an MS in Microbiology and brings over 45 years of experience working with a variety of animals including turtles, cats, dogs, fish, some reptiles and small birds. In addition, she has learned to cope with the plethora of creatures brought home for her by her 4 younger brothers, sisters, and her 2 kids. YIKES! 

Ingrid is a certified pet first aid, CPR and wellness trainer and is a nationally certified pet caregiver. In addition, Ingrid serves on the board of directors of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters where she chairs the Education Committee.

Pet Tech / Pet First Aid & CPR

Pet Tech is the premier Pet CPR, First Aid & Care Training on the planet. Their programs are used by Homeland Security, the TSA and are recommended or designated for most pet professional organizations and groups.” Pet First Aid & Wellness, LLC owner and manager, Ingrid Braulini, is a certified Pet Tech Instructor and is offering classes throughout Central and Northern New Hampshire as well as Vermont. Her desire is to educate all pet owners, friends and their communities as well as pet caregivers in pet wellness assessments, best practices of overall care, and in using proper first aid and CPR techniques in emergencies.

Please join us by signing up for classes, and help make the web of pet safety and emergent care cover all of Vermont and New Hampshire. It is with dedication and commitment that Pet First Aid & Wellness LLC “improve the quality of Pets’ lives, one pet parent at a time” through classes offering pet wellness, CPR, and First Aid.

 Please call 603-865-5340 for more information or sign up for classes.



Pet Welfare

Pets + Heart + Knowledge + Experience = A passion for the wellbeing and care of pets


Our training consists of hands-on classes offered in a myriad of settings and for anyone whose passion is pets and the care of pets. Classes contain licensed materials gathered from such resources as PetTech, the Red Cross, and NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters) and are taught by certified instructors. We do offer classes of varying sizes from 2-25+. Classes may be arranged with us for fundraising purposes for pet-centric organizations or causes.

Code of conduct

We comply with the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters’ Code of Conduct and our own addendum:


  • To respect our fellow professional pet sitters and to treat independent contractors, customers, and competitors with honesty and integrity;
  • To refrain from saying, writing, or doing anything which would defame our competitors or bring embarrassment or dishonor to the pet sitting industry or the association;
  • To operate our pet sitting business in a professional manner and to enhance the pet sitting industry within the community.


  • To deliver skillful, safe, compassionate care to all pets entrusted to my supervision;
  • To keep all client information confidential;
  • To safeguard the client’s residence by taking all reasonable precautions.


  • To learn as much as possible about our career as a professional pet sitter so that we can provide superior service to each client;
  • To support and encourage responsible pet ownership with our customers as well as our community;
  • To continually improve our knowledge of the pet sitting profession by participating in educational opportunities.


  • To comply with all local ordinances relating to the care and keeping of animals; and to obey all regulations, Federal, State, and local;
  • Not to promote a product or service in connection with NAPPS without the written consent of the Board of Directors of the Association.

In addition, the contractors with Pet First Aid and Wellness pledge:

  • To continue to be well-trained and informed in all aspects of pet wellness and first aid in order to provide the highest standards of care and education.
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